How we work

We are committed to a methodical work process that fits seamlessly into software development. Our role is to help the parties work together by maintaining strong relationships with product owners, developers and key stakeholders.

We guide the design process from framing a challenge to research, concepts, and execution. These sample steps describe how we work and illustrate the process of a typical project.

Our agile process

Strategy: Decide what to fix

1. Discover
What user needs, problems, and challenges exist?


2. Define
Which problem
are we trying
to solve?



Execution: Decide how to fix it

3. Develop
What is the range of ways we could solve this problem?


4. Deliver
Which solution will we develop
and deliver?



Ways to collaborate

Looking for an UX expert for your product development team. These cost-effective and flexible models allows businesses to bring products to market much faster and at significantly lower costs, while maximising return on investment.


The benefit of outsourcing is that you can expand your development team with specialists providing specific services when you need them.

Hire an expert

Having all the specialists in one place, you can discuss the product at face-to-face meetings and promptly resolve emerging issues.


Membership is best for long term projects with a large scope but limited resources for UX works. Each month, the expert completes the required hours of work by the agreed date.

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