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Vetch uses a wise mix of strategy, user experience research and design to support the software development process. May you have already existing product or have an idea of a future service, we support your mission.

Our expertise addresses user issues and determines better ways for your organisation to enable smarter business operations.

How we work

Whether working on a project basis or collaborating with members, we communicate ideas clearly and work closely with people from other departments. Curious about working together? Learn more

User Experience Research

UX research will identify the most common obstacles and, combined with design thinking, provides practical guidelines for getting past them. We investigate users’ intentions and behaviours, that insight and know-how will help to improve user experiences and identify new business opportunities. We apply this knowledge to create services and products that improve lives and business growth.


Stakeholder interviews
Requirements workshop
Usability testing
Competitor benchmarking
Contextual research
Expert review

User Experience and User Interface Design

UX/UI design uses a method-based approach and best practices to create new and improve already existing products and services. Research information can be used to validate, inform and align objectives, content, design and functionality. UX/UI design makes systems more efficient, accessible and inclusive. We design user-centred product and service solutions that empower users, create smarter business and support digital transformation.


Ideation workshops
Task models
User journeys
Customer experience maps
Persona profiles
Information architecture
Visual design

User Experience Strategy

The key to making changes that work is to accept the necessity of change as part of doing business. We believe that strategic planning ahead gives a company an advantage and competitive position. The toolset we use is extensive and methodical. We help your organisation plan for the future, set viable goals and achieve them.


Stakeholders workshops
Competitor review
Employee engagement
Balanced scorecard
Objectives and key results
Theory of change
Hoshin planning
Strategic planning tools

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