User experience strategy

A UX strategy lays out the broad vision, goals and a plan for a product or service. It incorporates business objectives and end-user needs to guide the team’s work towards achieving business growth.

A UX strategy provides a clear guideline for what’s important, enables to make decisions and prioritise business resources accordingly.

Strategic actions

Stakeholder interviews

Competitor review

Employee engagement

Balanced scorecard

Objectives and key results

Theory of change (TOC)

Hoshin planning workshop

Strategic planning models and tools


Business needs and goals

Requirements for competitive advantages

Users needs and goals

High-level goals and objectives/projects

Objectives and key results

Long-term goals and short-term changes

Company’s annual objectives and vision


Typical project budgets

Interactive prototype

8000-20 000 €

Interface design

3000-8000 €

UX/UI design

60€ per hour

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