User experience and interface design

We don’t speculate, we use different design methods and usability testings to create effective information architecture, digital wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Interface design and its external beauty is emphasised by internal logic and visual clarity.

Design methods

Ideation workshops are a collaborative design method that help us decide which project outcomes are right for the client. There are many techniques for stimulating discussion about project briefs and objectives. A successful workshop clarifies design issues and identifies possible design routes to explore further.

  • Understand users’ expectations
  • Identify usability problems
  • Design interactions
  • Design features for the product

A task model is a description of the activities user perform in order to reach their goals. Task models can represent both real-world and digital activities. They help you understand how your product can fit into users’ lives. This approach is designed to strike an appropriate balance between research time and useful insight.

● Understand users’ expectations
● Identify usability problems
● Design interactions
● Design features for the product

User journeys are step-by-step journeys that a user takes to reach their goals. This method helps to understand the decision-making process, evaluate the existing system and look for optimization opportunities. User journeys are useful when designing the information architecture of a product or service.

  • Understand users’ decision-making
  • Design ideal user journeys
  • Design information architecture
  • Design navigation structure

A customer experience map breaks a product or service into parts and shows how well or poorly the needs of the user and the business are met along the way. Product owners use these maps as strategic documents to help to prioritise improvements and identify opportunities to innovate their products and services.

  • Understand user experience
  • Design user experience
  • Design functionality
  • Design content

A persona is a short, vivid description of a fictional character (based on real data) that represents a group of the product’s users. It captures such things as user behaviour patterns, goals, skills, attitude, and environment. Personas help the production team to prioritise users needs and tasks.

  • Gather user requirements
  • Design user journeys
  • Design key screens
  • Design content


Information architecture

Wireframes / Mockups

Interactive prototype

User interface design

Typical project budgets

Interactive prototype

8000-20 000 €

Interface design

3000-8000 €

UX/UI design

60€ per hour

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